authenticity awareness

It’s time to forget what other people may think about you and just be who you really are.

My kiddos are a huge inspiration for my work because they flow with the moment they are in and always just go with what feels right. They are unapologetically creative and secure in their right and ability to express themselves however they feel is appropriate.

As an adult, sometimes I take a step back and think about how one of my kids would approach a situation. Would they be willing to stand up for themselves or would they shrink back and hide who they are just to make sure they don’t upset someone else?

That doesn’t mean being nasty in any way. Often, we think being fully ourselves means we will likely piss other people off. Sometimes, that’s true. But more often than not, by being truly ourselves, we give those around us permission to express themselves more fully too!

There are plenty of ways to express yourself compassionately. The biggest thing to remember is that everyone else has the same right. In your effort to be who you are, please respect the people around you and understand it’s not at all necessary for them to agree with you or even understand why you are who you are. If the end result is they decide they no longer want to be connected with you, then that is their decision.

When we hide our true selves and try to be what we think the people around us want us to be, we do everyone a disservice. We create relationships based on lies and appearances rather than reality.

Who would you prefer to be friends with? Someone you can trust to be real or someone you know is hiding at least part of themselves?

** I’ve been asked, “Aren’t you afraid your kids will be embarrassed by these pictures when they get older?”

Short answer – Nope!

Long answer –

I have absolutely no fear of my kiddos feeling embarrassed by pictures of them having a great time and enjoying their lives. Why?

Because they are being taught to accept themselves and others and to honor the unique gifts each person brings to this world.

They live everyday knowing they are loved exactly as they are.

They aren’t shamed for exploring whatever they find interesting.

Most importantly – they KNOW their Mom will kick anyone’s butt who dares to try to make them feel anything but pride in who they are and what they believe. 😉

What would you do differently if you didn’t care what other people thought? What parts of your life are perceived as “odd” but you embrace them fully? Share your answers below so we can all celebrate your uniqueness.

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