Create Your Torch List


The term “Bucket List” always disturbed me. To me, it seems like there’s an automatic connection to death that gives us the excuse to put things off until “one day”, hopefully before we die. Rather than a bucket list, why not make a “Torch List”? The list of things that “light your fire” and get your passionately excited? What things will you actually DO or at least take steps towards doing immediately? Quick, grab a piece of paper and write down 36 things you absolutely MUST do!

Start small, list things that you’re sure you can do and then work your way up to things that may seem out of reach today. Your Torch List should inspire and excite you. When you look over your list, everything on it should speak to your heart and that you should yearn for these experiences. Push past your comfort zone and stretch your imagination. Don’t worry so much about what the items cost right now or how you could possibly actually do these things. Dream, wish, hope and dare to write down all the things that speak to you no matter what your current circumstances are.

No matter what new thing you’re taking on, you always start exactly where you are – not in your past and not at any point in the future. You don’t need to have a certain set of talents or a set amount in your bank account to work towards fulfilling your list.

After you’ve refined your list, put it in a place you’ll see it often. Don’t stick it away in the drawer where it can be put off until “one day”. Make your list pretty if you’d like. Make it stand out in your daily activities. Make it impossible for you to ignore. The things that call to use deeply do so for a reason. There are experiences to have and lessons to learn. Each item you cross off your list will open you up to being able to add new experiences.


Now that you have your list, what are you doing to do about it?

Has anyone done it before?
What steps did they take to make it happen?
Are there things you can do that get you closer to the experience today?

Let’s say you want to:
Climb a mountain.

Can you?
Start training by finding a rock climbing wall at a local gym?
Join a mountain climbing community online and start asking questions?

Let’s say you want to:
Own a high end sports car.

Can you:
Rent the car?
Test drive the car?
Do you have any friends who own the car that you could drive it?

You get the picture. Be creative in your ways of getting to do what you want to do. Stretch your creative ideas and see where they take you.

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