Embracing Change


The quickest way to get comfortable with making changes it to just start making changes! Sounds so simple because it is!

Change is a big hot button for people. Some people actually enjoy change and actively search for it, but most people fear change and avoid it like the plague. They’re scared of what possible negatives may come from changing. They don’t want to risk standing out or making other people in their lives uncomfortable.

If you’re totally, completely happy with every aspect of your life exactly as it is today, then great! Stay exactly as you are and enjoy! If there are things you wish were different, then take the time to explore how you can make those changes. It’s easier than you think.

If you have someone special in your life who you think will be upset by you making changes, just tell them this is something you’d like to try and see where it leads. You can assure them that if it doesn’t work out, you’ll go back to being who you are now. That should help them feel less threatened by what you’re doing. You can also include them in the challenge and work together to come up with suggestions for what changes will be made.

Here’s a 6 week plan to get you into the habit of changing things so you can start to go after what you really want to see changed in your life. These are all just suggestions, feel free to change them to what works best for you:

Week one: Change something about your commute to work and home. Every day, change the route you take or change something about your routine. It may take you a little longer to get there, so plan accordingly. Also take the time to notice new things you see along the way.

Week two: Change up your morning routine. Most of us start our days exactly the same way each and every day, with the possible exception of weekends being different from the work week. How can you change it up? If you eat the same things each morning, introduce a new food or beverage to your routine. If the local coffee shop knows exactly what you want before you utter a word, either change your order or find a new place to get it.

Week three: Change something about your appearance. Different colors, different styles, different jewelry. Whatever you want. Just make it different from your “normal”.

Week Four: Change your evening routine. What do you always do as soon as you walk in the door from work? Even if you do the same things in a different order, that’s still making a change.

Week Five: Change your reading habits. Always get your news online? Pick up a newspaper. Yes, they do still exist and you can probably get one wherever you get gas. If you always read a certain type of article, actively search for something you haven’t read about before. We live in a highly information saturated society these days. There are places to read about almost anything you can think up.

Week Six: Still with me? Good! Now here’s the really juicy part! If you’ve played along and made changes every day for the last 5 weeks, then that’s at least 35 ways you’ve changed already. This week, you get to decide what area of your life you want to shake up. Stretch yourself a bit and make some bigger changes that will make a lasting difference in your life.

*If any of the situations suggested don’t apply to your current lifestyle, you’re not off the hook! Pick something that does apply and switch it up!

Our bodies are never the same at any given moment. Our cells are changing constantly. At our most basic level, we are change.  So, really, in the past 6 weeks, you’ve made millions of changes. Embrace the natural flow of life and start directing it rather than just going along with whatever happens to you.

Now that you’ve gotten into the habit of making little changes, don’t stop! Start increasing the difficulty of the changes. Start taking on those things you’ve been wanting to change for a very long time but didn’t know how to start.

Keep reminding yourself that every small step in the right direction gets you closer to where you want to be. Even a little change is better than staying where you are if it’s not a happy place for you.


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