How do YOU define Success?


A friend recently came back from a trip where she spent her time in very modest surroundings. She had to gather her water for whatever uses – quick showers with water that had to be heated up first, only flushing the toilet when absolutely necessary, cooking water that had to be boiled before use… No internet, No TV, no instant connections to anyone other than the people she was with.

When she got back to her own home, with all the “modern day amenities”, she said she was bored and a bit overwhelmed by how easy everything is.

This got me thinking.

In the US, our culture  often holds celebrity status above “average” and tends to judge success based on bank account balances. It seems we strive to have “more” and respect those who have it, but also respect those who work their butts off to get what they want.

What is Your definition of success?

Is there a cultural tendency to respect “hard work” aka physical labor or having to do things completely for ourselves over being able to simply have things done for us?

Is there a cultural disconnect in the striving for material success while having an attitude of “if you don’t work hard for it, you shouldn’t enjoy it.”

Is the person who hauls the water for their own needs and those around them more honorable than the one who can pick up the phone and have whatever desires they want instantly taken care of?

Think about it for a moment and compete the sentences below. Hint: Don’t think too hard or attempt to analyze the answers. Just go with whatever feels right in the moment.

1 – My days are successful when  _________________________________________________________.
(Generally speaking, what makes you feel satisfied and happy at the end of the day?)

2 – My weeks are successful when ________________________________________________________.
(Be a bit more specific here. What do you enjoy completing within a weekly time frame that helps you feel like you’re moving forward?)

3 – My Life will be a complete success when _________________________________________________.
(Go all kinds of wild here and dream big!)

Next time, we’ll talk about how to make sure you’re doing things that lead you towards more of your personal definition of success.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Every single one of us has different desires and priorities.

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