Let the Wild Ones Stay Wild


Wandering through the woods that surround a sculpture garden in Massachusetts on a beautiful fall day, watching the squirrels & chipmunks running around, a theme was building in my mind. “Let the wild ones stay wild”.

Not just the critters in the forests, but also those of us who are just built to be wild. Some people relish structure & predictability, some of us rebel at the thought of it.

What if it’s perfectly acceptable for some of us to just be fully ourselves? To wander through the paths of life without having to know exactly what our destination is? To inhale the scents around us & follow that next corner with excitement for the experiences that may unfold rather than having an expectation for what “needs” to happen next?

So often, we suppress the feelings & actions that we want to take because we know it’ll make someone else uncomfortable. We love the people in our lives, so we try to become who we think they want us to be. Sometimes, even who they tell us they want us to be. We shrink to match their vision rather than expanding into our own. The cost of that is living a muted life that neve quite feels “right”.

The property is a wonderful mix of intentional spaces filled with sculptures and interactive art, surrounded by acres of woods trails and a lake. There are paths and descriptions of the artworks for those who want to follow & learn. There are also wide expanses of open areas for those of us who prefer to explore from every angle.

How would your life change if you just accepted that you’re not one of the tame ones?

What would you do differently if you allowed yourself to explore the depths of your desires rather than trying to match what you think society or your family or whoever expects of you?

Are you a “Wild One”?

Do you seek the experiences & adventures of life rather than following the crowd, doing what you’re told to do?

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