Stop Seeking ~ Start DOing


Soul Searching

Researching new ways to do things

Seeking out new perspectives

All great things to spend your time on.


How many of the things you’ve found are you actually DOING? How much time are you spending researching and checking out your options instead of pursuing your desires? Getting ready to be, ready?

It’s easy in this information intensive world to get sucked into the trap of thinking you need to know everything before you start actually moving forward into doing what you want to do.

The vicious circle of “learning” can suck in the best of us and keep us distracted from actually accomplishing things for years.

Break That Cycle Today:

~ Set yourself a definite limit of time you can research then stick to it.

~ Accept that when you start something new you are going to screw it up. Sometimes it’ll be just a little rough in the beginning and other times you’ll straight up fail in a major way. There is no human being on this planet that was born capable of doing everything (or anything) perfectly all the time and there never will be.

~ Stop comparing your efforts to what someone else has done. (Whether you’re better than they are or worse)
You don’t have any idea how long they’ve been perfecting their skills. Even if this particular thing is a new endeavor for both of you, there’s still no way to know how many similar things they’ve done before or what talents they have that you don’t possess – yet.

~ Take action every single day! Make a decision that you will be better at whatever you’re trying by the end of today than you were when the day started. The more you practice something, the better you get.

Thinking about it, reading about it, learning about it, are all great ways to gather information but the only way to truly improve is to step up and DO it.

What are you striving to do today? Leave a comment letting us know what you’re working on so we can kick your butt… um, I mean help encourage your growth!

Putting your goals in writing in a public place can often be the best way to make sure you follow through. You know there are other people ready to hold your feet to the fire and you also never know who may pop up to help you along.

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