The Voice of Beauty


Deep within the human soul, the voice of beauty stirs. In a world full of “bigger, better and faster”, our souls crave that unique moment when everything stops and only beauty exists. I have been blessed to share those moments with other and live my life in them by creating inspired works of are in stained glass for more than 5 years.

The path to these moments has been treacherous, at some points, and amazingly joyful at other. Every day holds adventures yet to be discovered – some I would have preferred not to take if given the option. I know now that each on that seemed difficult in the beginning, had a deep, meaningful lesson to teach. An example? One of the most profound moments was when my husband was diagnosed with leukemia in September 2004. Through the immense outpouring of love, support, and healing energy, along with traditional medical care, he is now in full remission and doing well. As a couple, it gave us a chance to truly focus on what we loved about our lives, as well as the parts that weren’t working. It amazes me how many things seem unimportant when you’re sitting in a hospital room holding the hand of a loved one while he endures chemotherapy. I know it has become cliché to say that a life-threatening illness changes your perspective, but it is true. There really are no words to describe what kind of effect it has, and it is my sincere hope that you will not have to experience it personally.

Walking an enlightened path is now always easy. It comes with an understanding that the Universe and all of humanity are connected and depend on each other for kindness and compassion. You must be able to step outside yourself and know that the tough times are just a small part of the entire beautiful picture. Change will come. If we are open to it and accept it happily, it tends to come more gently. When we are too rigid and refuse to change, the universe seems to find a way to get its point across anyway.

Like the myriad colors in a wonderfully wrought piece of stained glass, all of humanity reflects individual gifts and talents which create a beautiful world. The rewards of living your path are reaped not only in your own life, but also in the lives of everyone you meet. What does your soul crave? What do your hands desire to create? Find your personal path and live it!

May your steps be blessed!

~Deborah Striker
                (Originally published Jan. 2006 in the “Wake Up… Live The Life You Love Series.
“On an Enlightened Path” book)


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